Work with us!

We are not searching for any new coworkers at the moment, but all applications that we recieve will be reviewed and saved.

What we are looking for:

• You are forward, loyal, and willing to learn new things.
• You are adroit and attentive.
• You are willing to work and have no problem with getting instructions from others.

Depending on where you want to work, either in Jormvattnet or Strömsund, you send your application to the appropriate person. You will be working with assembling cabling by following instructions and drawings. Here at Jormvattnets Lego we work in group and we put big value in good cooperation. Working with us means that you work according to the same rules and laws as all other jobs. We are a part of IF Metall's agreements and all of what that includes, like ensurance, pension and union relations. It also includes health insurance.


• You have been working and assembling by following drawing and instructions before.
• You have experience with Komax and Schleuniger crimping and Cut/Strip machines.


You will have to be able to read Swedish, as most of our instructions are written in Swedish.

Employment conditions:

Full-time job: Temporary or indefinite duration.
Monday - Friday, 7 am -4 pm.
Salary: Monthly payments or per hour, according to agreement.

The workplaces are located in the municipality of Srömsund in Jämtlands län, on the following addresses:
• Jormvattnet 485 · 83398 · Gäddede.
• Industricentragatan 9 · 83336 · Strömsund.


The first contact is via e-mail only, remember to send your résumé.

For jobs in Jormvattnet:
Christer Rådström – Local Manager Jormvattnet.

For jobs in Strömsund:
Hannah Engström – Local Manager Strömsund.