We are a Cabling manufacturer on the countryside of Jämtland, Sweden.

We manufacture cabling primarily for different types of control systems in construction machines, but also for other costumers with special needs.

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About us

The company is working with manufacturing cabling for different types of machines. Cabling made for control systems in construction machines have become our primary focus and is what we work with the most today. But we still do cables for other machines as well, trucks and motorized equipment are a couple examples.

In our daily work we put focus in becoming more effective, keeping high quality, reasonable prices, and of course satisfied costumers.

Jormvattnets Lego AB was founded in 1989 and was called Jormvattnets Taxi & Lego AB, which means that we ha a taxi service as well. We have our own facilities in Jormvattnet at about 5000 square feet, located in the northern part of Jämtland, about 170 kilometers north of Strömsund. Since october 2014 we have production in Strömsund as well, and there we have about 7000 square feet to work with.

At the moment we have 31 employees, 14 in Jormvattnet and 17 in Strömsund.

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Management Team

You're welcome to reach out directly to anyone of us!

Christer Rådström

Local Manager - Jormvattnet

+46 (0) 672 - 41 25 07

Hannah Engström

Local Manager - Strömsund

+46 (0) 672 - 41 27 28